Adult Search is one of the biggest names in the professional escort business online. This specific website has thousands upon thousands of users from all over the world. Its wide reach is one of the key reasons why you might consider using it. There are other advantages, of course.

Adult Chat Search Couples
Couple Using Adult Chat

For instance – the services aren’t just restricted to female providers, but also to transexuals and male suppliers. The variety is the main advantage promoted by this website. In addition, each individual application is usually rife with various details, which also increases the depth of your choice.

How does Adult Search work?

Adult Search acts as an extensive catalogue featuring the escort applications from the providers from over 40 countries of the world. In essence, it’s a workplace where freelancer sex workers leave their applications for potential customers to see.

All applications are in full access, and you can access them at any time through a sorting system. This system works in two stages:

1. Location stage

2. Applications stage

The locations stage is simultaneously the front page of the website. That’s where you pick a city (alternatively, a region for some countries) where you want to start the search. The choice of the cities/regions is handpicked by the staff, because escort services are more popular in some locations of the world.

How Adult Chat Site Working
How Adult Chat Working

Cities are united into the country categories, and they all have a different number of locations available. Genuinely, the website supplies the services to the countries and cities where these services are more on demand, which means the overall list can change and adapt to the market.

The applications menu appears once you pick one of the cities where you want to order a service. The first thing you’ll see is an array of applications from the most well-received or popular applicants. They’ll only include the main photo and a category: female, shemale, body rubs, gay, strip clubs and more.

Basically, the top applications will be shown on this page immediately. Just click on one of them for details. If they don’t appeal to you, you can proceed to another level of sorting through one of the blue buttons on the left.

Sorting system

Once you pick a type of service you need by going through one of the buttons, you’ll be given a number of more extensive search parameters:

1. Ethnicity;

2. Language;

3. Hair color;

4. Eye color;

5. Services;

6. Payment method

These filters will enable you to find a match that fits all of your preferences. Naturally, there may not be one that does because of the applications are left by the providers. They can be withdrawn at any time, so you should check for new ‘offers’ once in a while. 

Most of these filters are quite comprehensive. Ethnicity can be set to Asian or Hispanic, for instance. Language filter includes all the languages the providers speak in the particular area of your choice. So, if you picked a city somewhere in the South of US, you’ll obviously find a lot of Spanish-speaking providers as well as English speakers.

The service parameter sorts by the services the local candidates offer, obviously. There are many types that can be listed on an application. Some are clear, such as ‘visiting’, but others also include distance sessions and more. At the same time, the payment parameter lists several payment methods. They simply list what you can pay these people with, but not when or how much.

This applies to all of these parameters. The parameter category only shows the options available in the location. You can also clearly see how many of them are in the vicinity.

These parameters are set by the providers themselves. Most are mandatory, but some are optional. It’s a workplace, after all – some candidates aren’t comfortable with disclosing all the information about ourselfes.

And if you are amongst those worried about being scammed, some of these users are verified. It means that they got checked by staff and were proven to be legitimate honest people. If there is a ‘verified’ tick next to the picture, then you know the person is legitimate and likely won’t scam you.

Additional details

Some applications also have additional details – most notably, the age, but also other things chosen specifically by the users. This sort of information is completely optional, and they can choose to feature some of it right next to their picture inside a catalogue menu. 

Adult Chat Search Details
Details Of Adult Chat

Inside the applications themselves you’ll find even more information: cost, services, perhaps a phone number, maybe a district where they live, and so forth. While sorting is essential, because you can narrow down on people you’ll be more likely interested in, their applications hold even more information. Some may mention the work hours or even fetishes. You really need to explore the information in full.

Contacting a provider

After thoroughly exploring the application, you’ll maybe want to contact a provider you’ve found. Each of them has their own contact measures – the most common being phone numbers. You can call them and arrange a service. 

After that, it’s completely up to you. The terms can be negotiable, although you’re advised to follow the requirement a provider you’re calling has left on their application. This increases your chances very much.

They may ask from your credit card information, which you shouldn’t do. It’s up to you to agree or not. And even if they asked for a transfer instead, giving up the info before the service is complete is risky. You can naturally negotiate a portion up-front and the rest when you’re finished. If depends completely on you and your contact.

Adult Chat Support Provider
Support Provider

If something went wrong, you can report the issue. They can do the same, so you shouldn’t think the website’s not looking after their own. Although they generally don’t restrict you to anything, you should think before you do something dishonest during your session.

You also need to be vigilant. Although it’s all to easy to block a person if you have enough proof of their poor conduct, they can just as well rob you. It doesn’t depend on the website whatsoever. Naturally, they’ll be blocked, but no refunds or compensation will be given to you for being scammed.

That’s one of the key ‘issues’ most people are complaining online about, both in regards to this website and to others like it. Although it’s true that some platforms can attract the wrong users, not being scammed is completely up you. You may consider following a few steps in regards to talking with providers:

1. Don’t give up your credit card information. The providers have every right to demand pay for their services, but that’s not a commonly-accepted payment method at all;

2. Offer the provider to continue the conversation on any social network;

3. Ask them to send you photos (not naked, obviously) of themselves at a requested pose, for instance, to prove their legitimacy;

4. Try to stick to verified users

These are just a handful of steps you may take to protect yourself from scam. It’s no use pretending as if everyone on the platform is an honest individual. Even if some are no scammers, they can still be indecent or toxic. It’s generally not punishable, but you should decide for yourself whether you want to continue chatting with people like that.

Where is it available?

As mentioned, the service is available in over 40 countries all over the world, and United States are given a separate list of city areas right beside the main list of countries on the front page. And a more detailed (the biggest from the bunch, actually) list divided by states right at the top.

Some countries are less comfortable with these services, as you remember. That’s why there are fewer cities to choose from in Greece or China, for instance. But some countries have more users and, therefore, more cities represented.

In Asia, for instance, the complete winners are Thailand and the Philippines. There are easily more cities and users than in all other Asian cities combines.

Adult Chat Search Available Countries
Available In All Countries

In Europe, the most prominent countries are UK, Netherlands, Belgium and Hungary. There are naturally many other places, although not all of them – in some, the escort business is prohibited or severely limited.

In South America, Mexico and Puerto Rico and the leading two nations, with several other hot on their tail.

In Africa, it’s basically just South Africa with a few other options. Mostly, the issue is that the Internet is not widely available on most of the continent.

Australia is divided into territories and states, just like US and UK (to a lesser extent). After the States, Australia is the second leading nation in the list.

With that said, Adult Search is not popular at all in the Middle East, with only a fraction of nations supporting the platform. Actually, in some of these nations, the website is banned. And in those where you can actively enjoy the services, you might get in trouble for ordering an escort.

If the country where you live or intend to travel to isn’t available at the moment, you may check later – the categories are regularly updated. If some city has been a lot of the new users, you’ll see it in the general list. And if you don’t, you can see whether there are any options by searching for it directly in the ‘type a city’ bar up above.


The map of options is one of the most useful additions the website has made over the years. In each category of service of each city, you can unlock a map of surroundings with the available providers. If the location of the user can be tracked at least roughly, it’ll appear on your screen.

Hookup Map AdultSearch
Chat Search Hookup Map

It makes the search routine much easier. You can simply look at the map and pick several options that appeal to you more. Of course, it won’t feature all of them. Most of the time, it’s only going to be top options because if you added all the options on the screen – the visibility would be abysmal.

But as it stands, the map provides a helpful and user-friendly insight into the catalogue. You can plan whom to contact, where to meet or how to get to the location. If the provider is ‘visiting’ – they’ll come to you. However, because all the services are negotiable, negotiating a service with a visiting candidate would be much smoother if you knew they live nearby.

Reporting features

Besides the usual reporting functionality, you can also report on more specific issues. For instance, if you suspect that a provider is a victim of part of the sex trafficking, child abuse or illegal prostitution chain, you can report it immediately. If you are a law enforcer, you’ll be provided with all the necessary information regarding the user in question.

Happy Ending On Hookup Site
Hookup Site Outcome

However, if you want the materials to be removed completely from the website, you can write to the support exactly for this reason. Additionally, if you report the incident to the authorities, the website will be more than happy to cooperate. All the addition information can be received at [email protected] – that’s where you should redirect all the law agents to further the investigation.


Adult Search is a place where you can safely operate as an escort, erotic massage provider or a strip club representative to place an ad (aka an application) that describes your line of work and allows the users to find you better.

Adult Hookup Search Summary
Use Adult Hookup Search

As a user, you can likewise search for the mentioned providers on with absolute ease. The extensive sorting mechanisms will help you find the most appropriate candidates, and from there you’ll be able to narrow down the search even further.

You have to remember to be vigilant on all sorts of escort services, not just Adult Search. If you got scammed physically while receiving the service, there’s nothing the staff can do besides block the offender. It’s not the service’s fault if you were scammed or cheated, but they make all the provisions for you not to be.